Friday, April 28, 2017

1.   Why choose Cambridge English Programme ?

Cambridge English Programme is the world’s leading range of exams and tests at all levels and for all needs. Each year they are taken by over 2 million people, in 130 countries. We choose KET, PET, FCE and IELTS as the pathway to train and prepare our students achieving a solid foundation in Academic English for their higher education.

2.   How does the Cambridge English Programme implement ?

Junior Section, Junior One to Junior Three, we introduce Pre-KET (Beginners), KET (Elementary) and PET (Intermediate). For Senior Section, Senior One to Senior Three, we introduce FCE / IELTS Foundation (Upper Intermediate) and IELTS Graduation (Advanced).

Students from Junior One will start to learn and practice the fundamental 4 skills of the standard British English especially Listening and Speaking skills and get to familiarize with the correct pronunciation of the standard British English and the accent. Besides, students are also given the chances to explore and pick up the other important International English accents including Australian / New Zealander English, American / Canadian English and European English.

When students reach Senior 3 (equivalence to Form 6), they will be well equipped and ready to sit for the Cambridge IELTS. Our target, Band 5.5 and above. Band 7 or even higher is possible.

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SAMPLE:   International English Language Test Report Form


 Graduate of 2011

Thank God,

    I made It!

 *  Only have 2 weeks to prepare.
 *  Target: 5 – 5.5
 *  I want to try it. I want!
 *  Result:  Listening    :   6
                    Reading      :   4.5
                    Writing       :   5.5
                    Speaking     :   5.5
     Overall Band Score :  5.5
 *  Yes!
 *  Now my dream comes true –London, England!